Set up camp in under 10 minutes.

Sleeps 2 adults.

Compact enough to fit into a standard garage.

800kg dry weight makes this little guy the lightest of our range and very easy to tow.

3CR12 Stainless steel body and chassis with a 5 year warranty.

GVM 1500kg

Spacious kitchen layout.

It has an additional fridge drawer and more storage space than its lighter sibling
designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, yet tough and sturdy.
Quick and easy set - up
fully equipped kitchen and high quality adventure-proof interiors
Designed for comfort, yet rugged and bush-proof
on- and offroad safety is a stand out feature
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  • Dry Weight - 890kg

  • Total Length (Spare wheel incl) 4050mm

  • Total Height to roof top 1970mm

  • Total Height to top of Bush Wing (depending on tyre size)  ±2050mm

  • 1850mmTotal Width  

  • 350mmGround Clearance (axle) 

  • 44°Departure angle

  • 2500kgSolid beam axle with leaf springs and shock absorbers 

  • 1Double beds

  • 2 AdultsSleeps  

  • Stainless Steel Body and Chassis  

  • Aluminium interior and doors                  

  • Micro Dotted (also known as Data Dot) as per law specs.                    

  • 5 Year structural warranty on chassis and main body                     

  • 1 Year Guarantee (ex factory) on material and workmanship, other items as per manufacturer's guarantees                    

Standard Features


  • Bush Wing awning 90° x 270° 1 x 

  • Sides for Bush Wing (2x doors)   5 x 

  • Draft skirt 1 x 

  • Mosquito net at door 1 x 

  • 15" Wheels, 6 stud, steel epoxy rims 3 x 

  • Kitchen with stainless steel working table 1 x 

  • Stabilizers/Jacks/High lift jacks 2 x 

  • Wheel spanner, lockable spare wheel 1 x 

  • Double cupboards for clothes with canvassing & zips 7 x 

  • Mattress  1 x D 

  • Side bed with tent 1 x 

  • Inside floor carpet 1 x 

  • Heavy duty jockey wheel 1 x 

  • Jockey wheel out of the way bracket 1 x 

  • Aluminium checkered noseboxes 2 x 

  • Jerry can holder between noseboxes 1 x 

  • Jerry cans 2 x 

  • Aluminium woodracks on top of noseboxes 2 x 

  • Deep cycle batteries with cover boxes 2 x 

  • Outside kitchen LED light  1 x 

  • LED Lights (3x kitchen, 1each: roof, bed tent, entrance door,  geyser door) 7 x 

  • Hella points 12V output 3 x 

  • Anderson Fridge points 12V 50A  1 x 

  • 220V Inlet caravan plug  1 x 

  • 220V plug (3 point) outside at kitchen 3 x 

  • 220V plug (2 point) inside (built in breaker) 1 x 

  • 220V plug (3 point) inside (built in breaker) 1 x 

  • Intelligent Charging system, monitor and Bush Lapa power panel with USB plugs 1 x 

  • Charging system from vehicle (Anderson plug on A-frame) 1 x 

  • 220V Caravan extension lead for mains 10m  1 x 

  • Mudflaps 2 x 

  • Mudflap stone protectors for chassis 1 x 

  • Fire extinguisher  1 x 

  • Double wash basin on rear with aluminium frame (removable) 1 x 

  • Heavy duty aluminium kitchen drawer system  1 x 

  • Aluminium storage box next to fridge (to fit fridge specifications) 1 x 

  • 2 Plate gas cast iron burner fixed in stainless steel stand 1 x 

  • Direct gas connection to gas burner with regulator 1 x 

  • Gasbottle bracket in nosebox 1 x 

  • 105 Litre stainless steel water tank under chassis with automatic pump, filler cap, tap and drain plug 1 x 

  • Water meter 1 x 

  • 6 Litre/min Geyser with direct connection to rear tap 1 x 

  • Hot and cold water taps on rear for wash basin 1 x each 

  • Cutlery canvas holder  1 x 

  • Crockery set in foam holder in kitchen (for six) 1 x 

  • Spare wheel cover 1 x 

  • Transport included to Bush Lapa certified dealers (7 working days extra from factory completion date) 1 x 

Optional Extra's


  • Solar Panel 140W with MPPT 75/15A and aluminium roof rack 

  • 100W External solar panel with regulator, 10m lead & PVC bag 

  • National Luna 90L incl baskets (220V/12V) 

  • Snomaster 81.5L incl baskets (220V/12V) 

  • Bearing kit  

  • Mag Wheels 16'', 17'' or 18'' 

  • Other axle than standard  

  • Shower Wing 

  • Gasbottle bracket  

  • Gasbottles (filled) 

  • 1200 mm x 600 mm Loose standing aluminium table with fold in legs and PVC bag

  • Table strap only 

  • PVC Stoneprotector  

  • Bush Wing divider (@ kitchen) 

  • Upgrade to reflective flysheet - side bed 

  • Microwave bracket (custom made) 

  • Windshield for gasstove (loose standing) 

  • Windshield/cover for gas stove - wind protector (fitted) 

  • Black stonechip nosebox 

  • Bush Lapa Bottle opener  

  • Eggbox mattress upgrade 

  • Memory foam mattress upgrade 

  • Gel memory foam mattress upgrade 

  • Anti-theft coupler lock 

  • Axe with bracket 

  • Spade with bracket  

  • Alko levellers in front under chassis (set of 2) incl spanner  

  • Top travel blanket 

  • Lower travel blanket 

  • Caravan Cover (Green/White) 

  • Engraved glass crockery set with foam holder




  • Bush Lapa Khaki caravan with Bush Lapa Khaki canvas

  • Bush Lapa Green caravan with Bush Lapa Khaki canvas

  • Bush Lapa White caravan with Bush Lapa Grey canvas

  • Bush Lapa Grey caravan with Bush Lapa Grey canvas